Be aware!, not all SEO services could deliver SEO traffic that converts. Why? Because it’s not an easy job if you have no in place solid system to support.
The beautiful graph below moving up to 90 degrees might impress you without thinking.

SEO traffic with no conversion at all is completely nonsense. The important piece of the puzzle is conversion. Without conversions or sales, any business can’t stay longer. So, you need both SEO Traffic and Conversion.

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What You Don’t Know About Other SEO Services

Most of the SEO agencies focused only on improving SEO traffic to please your eyes. They take away from the puzzle the important metric, which is conversion. Conversion is the lifeblood of any business. And should be taken into high consideration when optimizing a website.

Smooth moving up graph is not the only basis for a successful SEO campaign. If you spend time to look closely, you can see clearly the reason the campaign is not converting well. They optimized the wrong keywords.

They concentrated their efforts on informational keywords. It’s because they are easy to rank than buying keywords.

Yes, they are easy to rank and would improve SEO traffic. But the question, does this traffic turn to sales? People who are using these informational queries have no intention to buy. It’s obvious they are only looking for information. It could be they are seeking info to fix their problems by themselves.

Buying keywords are those keywords with high commercial intent. These types of keywords will give you a high conversion rate.

Why are they avoiding these keywords? Most of the buying keywords have lesser volume than information keywords. They are afraid they couldn’t please their clients. Also, buying keywords are more competitive.

But for an SEO expert with the heart to help, they should do whatever it takes to help the bottom line of their clients.

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Our Result-Driven SEO Services: Focus On Driving Profitable SEO Traffic In Reasonable Time

We won’t waste your time and money. We won’t focus on driving traffic that won’t help your bottom line. It’s nonsense for us to skyrocket your organic traffic but won’t get any conversion. We focus our eyes to increase your ROI via targeted SEO Traffic.

As you’ve seen above, one of our successful SEO projects. A whopping 879% increased in sales from non-branded or SEO traffic.

Also, we make sure what we do will work for the long-term haul. This means, perpetual profitable traffic coming to you months after months.

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  Quick Overview Of Our SEO Process:

1. Discovery Of Untapped Low-Hanging Fruits

It’s a time and money saver to focus on optimizing those keywords you’ve already ranked.
They are considered sweet low-hanging fruits that need less effort to pick up. Why not focus on improving the rankings of these untapped keywords!

Google has already ranked these keywords because Google found your pages relevant. A simple tweak and a few backlinks will quickly improve your site rankings.

Now, how can you find all your untapped keywords? You need advanced SEO tools that have the capability to extract all keywords your site has already ranked. The sad thing, these tools are not free like Semrush or Ahrefs.

More likely, you are reading this page because you are looking for an SEO service. You need help from somebody else for your website optimization. So, it’s not worth to buy an SEO tool just for this purpose.

No worries, you need not pay this tool. I can do it for you for free using my paid version. Also, I can help you determine the low-hanging keywords that you’ve overlooked. Not anyone can do this without a systematic approach. Contact Me Now For My Free Profitable Keyword Discovery.

 2.  Developing Strong Internal Linking Structure

Let’s say you have good SEO traffic from buying keywords. But you still not getting a good conversion. What’s the problem? The only reason left behind is Google ranked different pages. It could be Google ranked your blog post instead of your product or service page.

The way to tell Google to rank your desired landing page is to establish solid internal linking. Internal linking can boost the page authority of your desired landing page. And get Google’s favor as the most relevant and authoritative page to rank.

An experienced SEO expert can do internal linking without a problem. Or else you will lose ranking of your other important keywords due to link juice leakage.

The proper linking structure can avoid weak linking that could hurt your SEO traffic.

Contact SEO Expert Armil to help you structure properly your internal linking.

3.  Fixing First Website Critical Issues

Having a fancy website is pointless if it loads like a crawling turtle; nowadays, people become impatient to wait for more than 5 seconds. There’s no place for slow-loading sites in top search results.

Also, broken links and 404 errors will make your visitors feel disappointed. You’re making an awful first impression.

If visitors switch back to search results, this signals bad user experience to Google. This can cause dropped rankings. Google is always putting searchers as their #1 priority. Google doesn’t want to disappoint people, or else their search engine business will be in trouble. People can switch to Yahoo and Bing if they don’t like what they see in Google search results.

If you don’t want to get your site penalized, fix immediately your website technical issues. Do you know? Recovering from Google Penalty may take years!

You may contact SEO Expert Armil to ask for help. Check below for a sample of his work:

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4.  Moving Up Your Rankings Using The Smartest Method

We don’t want to waste our time and your money, spending the long SEO checklist. It is okay if you have a high SEO budget, you are free to complete 100 or even 1000 SEO checklist. How about start-up small businesses? Every marketing dollar counts for them!

If you study your top competitors, you will find out they are just working on a few SEO metrics.

They don’t bother completing the 100 items in the SEO Checklist. If it works for them, why not copy them!

Indeed, this is a smart strategy that you can save time and money.  You are reverse engineering your top competitors’ SEO strategy.

You need SEO expertise eyes to analyze your top competitors. Yes, SEO tools can help to gather intelligence data, but SEO expert mind will do the in-depth analysis. It’s just like you still need a human doctor apart from super advancement in medical technology.

The goal here is to outrank your top competitors. Analyzing their weaknesses too is a great help to take advantage of and outrank them quickly.

Reverse engineering is not a new method. But not every SEO expert can execute this properly to produce great results. It’s not easy to dissect and find out the catalysts of competitors’ top rankings.

The fact is there are over 200 ranking factors of Google. So, reverse engineering is not an easy job! You need an experienced SEO Expert to handle this.

Consider contacting Certified SEO Expert Armil to help you. He has more than 10 years of SEO experience.


SEO Proof Of Works

SEO Expert Armil has helped more than 500 websites in his 10 years of experience. This number is increasing at a remarkable rate with his well-trained support team. See below for a sample of our results:


 Proof #1: SEO Traffic To The Moon

Work Details:  As you can above, the site SEO traffic has started flat for years, playing around 100 searches per month only. It’s noticeable in the graph in just a single month of January 2018, the SEO traffic skyrocketed. It’s 485% increased traffic in just 30 days of implementing our whitehat SEO strategy.

Proof #2:  Perpetual SEO Traffic

Work Details:   This is an e-commerce site. The start of the work was July 2016. The site domain authority wasn’t strong during that time. It’s a bumpy road moving up steadily.

The owner of this site continued what SEO Expert Armil started. Right now, the domain authority is strong. It's moving up to a whopping 2,013% increased SEO traffic.

Every project we undergo is a challenge for us to show dramatic results. But this project is different. I did it alone with pressure to deliver after 30 days. As you can see below, the project started with search views of 407 and maps views of 196 only.

Even though I was under pressure, I got the feeling of confidence to deliver with great results because I have an in placed and proven SEO service system that works.

To cut the story short, I was able to improve search views to 119% and maps views to 456% in just three weeks.

SEO Service Feedback

The feedback of clients we closely worked with will support the results you’ve seen above. Hearing the happy voice of our clients, we served to boost our energy level to help more.

The reason we are getting a constant flow of good feedback. Because SEO Expert Armil is always spearheading all the projects, he is making sure the deliverables are of high quality and would bring great results.

He’s not like any other SEO agencies out there run only by pure businessman without much SEO experience. Most of them are just after the contents of your pocket.

Also, he trained his SEO support team to execute his proven strategy efficiently. SEO Expert Armil is always taking total responsibility for every SEO project result.