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This is it! You’ve come here at the right time. This strategy is personally used by Certified SEO Specialist Armil Velos who has honed his SEO skills working more than 500 sites since 2008.

This SEO strategy is not an ordinary strategy that blindly focused only on top rankings with less or no conversions at all.

The ultimate goal here is to increase your conversion rate using SEO Marketing Strategy That Converts!

This strategy is a good mix of SEO and attraction marketing that would naturally give you top rankings and high conversions.

It’s a pure white-hat or ethical strategy. So, stop worrying about any Google Site Penalty.

Attraction Marketing is an essential ingredient in this strategy to turn your first-time visitors coming from search engines into loyal customers and raving fans.

How does this sound to you? Great, right!

BONUS:  You will learn also how to dominate ranking in all types of Google Search Results.

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1. Spying Loophole in Competitors Unique Strategy

I guess it’s a smart move to find out first of what’s working strategy of your top competitors. You can’t debate, their strategy is better than yours because they rank on top of you. Why not learn from them? Indeed, this is a shortcut way to find out what’s currently working in actual search results in terms of your industry competition.

Don’t forget too to discover their SEO loopholes or weaknesses. This is your best ground to exploit and outrank them quickly.

2. Immediate Website Clean-up Drive To Speed Up Rankings

You might not know your website has plenty of hidden trash that prevented your site to rank higher. Cleaning your website is proven to help you speed up rankings. It’s like unloading unnecessary baggage from your website.

This includes fixing serious SEO technical issues like duplicate or thin contents, poor loading speed, and broken links.  Fix these with urgency and you can see an immediate improvement of your search traffic.

3. Unique Profitable and Magnetic Keywords Discovery

Profitable or commercial keywords are the types of keywords that would bring money to the table. These are life-blood keywords to your business growth and expansion.

But the Big Challenge is these keywords are too competitive.  More and more established or well-funded competitors are lurking around targeting these same commercial keywords you wanna target. As a newbie or small player, you should play it differently to win!

One of the methods is to tap the magnetic keywords to avoid such fierce competition. The best thing, these can boost rankings of your life-blood commercial keywords.

4. Google Business Optimizer For High Local Pack Rankings

The only way to get a strategic spot in Google Local Pack listing is properly optimizing your Google Business Page. It should be optimized the way your website is. Making sure it’s appealing to both search engines and your customers.

Actually, this will serve as your online business card, where they can find quickly your phone number and business location. People visiting your Google Business Page are more likely looking for local services or products and also more inclined to contact or visit your business immediately.

Why not give them a positive lasting impression? Optimize your business page properly to get more business calls and store visits.

5. Developing Highly-Optimized Converting Contents

This is all about optimizing your website important pages for high conversions. More often service or product pages are the most important pages that your site is relying on to get a constant flow of good conversion.

In this case, a proper combination of SEO and Conversion Optimization is needed to maximize conversion. This may involve adjusting and improving your page design and layout to skyrocket your SEO rankings and conversion rate.  Actually, there are more important conversion factors to consider that most of the SEO specialists overlooked.

6. Giveaway Powerful Posts with Attraction Marketing Injection

This is something to do in creating free and unique valuable information specifically designed for both your target customers and blog influencers.  Tapping your customers’ other interests that are not commercially inclined is a less competitive zone.

The idea here is giving free high-value information to them in order to gain their trust and loyalty.  Naturally, people are attracted to avail your offer once you’ve established a good rapport with them. This is the power of attraction marketing.

On the other hand, attracting blog influencers to share your helpful contents to their fans is a good ground to make your posts viral. Link acquisition seems automatic in this scenario.

7. Authority Booster Technique For Your Landing Pages

Your landing page might have limited keywords to target.  If you overdo, your website might get serious website penalty. Also, some of the service or product pages have less content just like a product page of an e-commerce site.

The best way to boost landing pages ranking is to implement Authority Booster Technique.  This is somewhat calling a reinforcement support from your other strong content assets. This is very helpful especially for those landing pages with less content or low page authority.

8. Local Citation Maximizer For Multi-Source Targeted Traffic

Building up your Local Citation reputation will open more doors for more relevant traffic from other sources aside from Google.  People searching using local directories, where you have reputable citation listings there, have a higher chance they are looking for a real local business to contact with.

The fact, there are hundreds of local directories out there that you can make use to maximize your website traffic and conversions. Also, local citations will help boost your Google local pack rankings once optimize properly.

Using Local Citation Maximizer will help you maximize your citation listings to get more calls or conversions from all local directories out there. This will position your business in a safer zone because you are not anymore solely dependent on Google traffic.

9. The Big 4 Link Acquisition Techniques

The main focus of these link acquisition techniques is acquiring a high-quality type of backlinks.  These techniques are proven to improve site rankings without getting any penalty. These are considered advanced techniques that work for long term.

Also, they open up more windows of opportunities to get more referral traffic from other trusted sites.

These are not any old school link building strategies you know like directory submission, social bookmarking and the like. They are driven to engage and build a good business reputation.

10. BONUS: Google Search Dominator

You might not aware that there are several types of Google Results that more likely you overlook or didn’t give much attention. Most of the SEO specialists focus only on the single type of Google Search Results. It’s the normal organic search result where there’s a strong competition.

They neglected other free search result listings like Local Pack, Knowledge Graph Panel, Rich Answers, Site Links, and Rich Snippets. Why not get good rankings as well in all these types of search results?

Using Google Search Result Dominator, you will learn on how to get dominant rankings by utilizing other types of Google Search Results.


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Who is the Creator of this SEO Marketing Strategy That Converts?

Mr. Armil Velos,  a certified Java Programmer during his college days.  He graduated BS Computer Science as Cum Laude in reputable university here in the Philippines.

During college days, he was actively involved in multi-level marketing that got him interest to get involved too in businesses.

He landed his first job as College IT Instructor, where he acquired good skill in making complicated things much simpler and easier to understand.

He has also experienced working in a corporate world. But this time, he chose to work as a marketing guy in an IT Company because of his strong interest in marketing over programming.  From e-learning supervisor, he got promoted to Marketing Manager in less than 3 years.  This was the time his marketing skill truly harnessed.

Until such time, he landed his first online job with an Australian Company as their SEO Specialist, responsible for creating their SEO systems and processes.

Also, he managed to successfully pass the comprehensive SEO Certification exam. From there, he got involved in several SEO projects through the years.

Fast forward, it’s already more than 10 years now he’s working as an SEO expert backed up with solid experiences in optimizing more than 500 websites from different industries.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique of optimizing your website to get higher rankings in search engine result pages. Making your website SEO-friendly has several factors to undertake like fixing broken links, duplicate contents, the speed of the site, and link building.

This is a new type of marketing that focuses on building good rapport first putting your self-interest for a while. Giving free valuable information comes first before asking for a business. This can build trust and confidence to get loyal customers.

This is an ethical or good type of SEO technique. It doesn’t involve any manipulative methods that could get a higher chance of search engine penalty. But instead, it’s in the alignment of the search engine’s ranking guidelines.

This is a person who has specialized in search engine optimization as a way to improve website rankings in search result pages.

A Certified SEO Specialist who has already helped more than 500 websites since 2008 using his time-tested SEO Marketing Strategy That Converts.

The local pack is a section of Google Search result where local businesses info found. The info is scraped from Google Business Pages. And they are triggered using local search query intent.

It’s a free Google property that any business can create an account. Basically, this is used to showcase your business and get a chance to rank in local pack section of the search result.  The business page includes the name of the business, phone number, location, and other related to your business.

This is considered the most important page of a business site.  The goal of a landing page is to convert well. It could be a subscription to a newsletter or buying products and services.   Most of the landing pages out there are designed for paid advertising.  So, it should be designed very well and optimized for conversion in order to end up with profits.

It’s the business information mentioned more often in local directories such as Yelp, Yext, and Yellow Pages. Citation primarily includes NAP (Name of Business, Address, and Phone Number) information.  NAP consistency is a must to get high ranking in Google local pack search result.

This refers to the website visits coming from different online sources like search engines, directories, article directories, and video sharing sites.  Website traffic can be checked using site analytical tools like Google Analytics, Moz, Semrush, and Alexa.


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