You need to know this first, before hiring an SEO Consultant!

Make sure he is qualified to diagnose your website. Don’t make a mistake to hire someone that would cause more damage than good to your site. And to the extent, you get penalized hard by Google forever.

Don’t get easily allured by beautiful words of a self-claimed consultant like for instance, hearing these words – “I assure you to get #1 ranking in 30 days.

I understand it is natural for us human beings, craving for immediate solutions or shortcuts. This is the reason many people fall into the trap of scammers from all over the world.

Better Run As Fast As You Can

Let me expose to you their nice-hearing words above are just only false promises. Here’s the thing; no one knows exactly the process behind Google’s ranking algorithm. Google will never expose it to the public. Why? , because this will invite more ranking manipulation that would damage Google’s reputation.

So if you hear somebody promising for ranking assurance, you better ran as fast as you can. More likely, that bogus consultant will be using dirty tactics or blackhat SEO to rank websites. Let’s assume his dirty strategy is working. Do you think sooner or later Google won’t discover it?

Remember, Google is a giant company, spending billions of dollars for their business operations. They hired the smartest guys around the world to protect their reputation. Don’t ever attempt to manipulate their ranking algorithm or else Google has no mercy left to get your site penalized severely.

3 Important Things To Know Before Hiring An SEO Consultant

1. Certification Passer

The SEO consultant must be well-versed about the ins and outs of SEO. He should have an in-depth understanding of how the search engine works. How could he diagnose a site? If what he knows is only creating backlinks.

The only way to test if he’s qualified is when he passed an SEO Certification exam. This is like a doctor licensure exam.

Would listen to the advice of the non-licensed doctor to undergo surgery? Of course not, it works the same way with SEO Consultant.

You don’t want to take the high risk of getting penalized by Google forever because of wrong advice of an SEO consultant.

I remember it took me for almost three months of serious study to pass the SEO Certification exam. You know, I felt the pressure to pass the exam because my previous employer paid it fully. Thank God for his help, and I able to pass it for my first attempt. Also, I earned other supporting certifications and recognitions, as shown below:

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2. Backed-up By Solid Experience

Experience can’t be faked you must earn this for years of consistent hard works. It’s just like driving. You can’t drive by just attending orientation or reading manual book.  I’m sure your grandma will be freaking nervous when you attempt to drive her for the first time at the speed of 130kph.

Can you afford too to entrust the fate of your business to an inexperienced SEO Consultant? Of course not!, it’s too risky to get penalized by Google and leave your site nowhere to be found by your customers.

You can easily spot if the one you are speaking with is just a self-claimed SEO consultant. How? Simply ask him proof of good results. Don’t be tempted to hire him because he’s good in answering your SEO related questions. Everyone can read, but not everyone can deliver the results you want!

You should be looking for real results. See below for a sample of significant results of SEO Consultant Armil.

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3. Marketing Mind

Search engine optimization is not only about top rankings. Even if you’re site holds #1 position but no good conversion at all, it’s useless.   Yes, top positions matter, but it’s not only the piece in the puzzle.  People won’t jump immediately and click whoever on #1. The reality is their eyes are wandering around. They are like tiger scanning quickly the search results, looking for something admirable to their eyes.. See below as proof:

Do you know? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). From the word “Marketing” per se, SEO involves marketing too. The ultimate goal is to get high rankings with a high conversion rate.

Search engine result page is just like a big bulletin board of advertisements. You need to be creative in your marketing to attract the attention of your prospective customers.

In the example below for the query “plumber Halifax”, it’s obvious the #2 listing will get more clicks than #1 listing. The searcher using this search query has an immediate need of looking for plumbing service. He might have a problem with bursting faucet. For sure, he has no time to check one by one for the best 10 plumbing services as seen in #1 ranked page.

It’s clear here. Marketing expertise is essential for SEO to convert well. The fact it’s not easy to find an SEO expert or consultant with a good marketing background. Most of the experts and consultants I know are technically inclined who hate sales and marketing.

Unlike, SEO Consultant Armil, he has vast experience in sales and marketing. He got involve early in marketing during college days by actively doing network marketing. In fact, he’s able to get around 50 recruits under him in just 30 days. Also, he has a formal marketing experience when he was working as a Marketing Manager in an IT company. 

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How Could I Reasonably Triple Your SEO Traffic Without Draining Your Budget

I’m not fun of blindly following the long list SEO Checklist

that could take the optimization for years before seeing remarkable results. This is okay for businesses with deep pockets. How about startup businesses like yours? For sure, this painstaking approach can drain your budget and left you empty pocket.

Is there a solution? Yes, it’s my “SniperShot Ranking” method. This optimization method is pure whitehat that would work for the long-term haul.

Also, this method can shorten the time of optimization without worrying any Google Penalty. This approach can surely save time and money.

So, what this strategy is all about?

SniperShot Ranking Method is an SEO strategy optimized to deliver a quick result in a reasonable time without spending too much.

The core of the strategy is to mimic the strengths of the competitors. And to outrank them by exploiting their weaknesses.

In a sense, your competitors are ranking on top of you because Google loves what they are doing. Why not copy them! You don’t need to follow strictly 500 SEO checklist.

Based on experience, a few tweaks only with your site and a few backlinks will dramatically improve your rankings within 24 hours. The only thing to do is to conduct competitor analysis. And then apply to your site of what’s working with them.

It seems easy, right. But it’s not the case! You need an SEO consultant with an expert eyes to uncover your top competitor’s secrets.  If you insist on hiring an inexperienced SEO Consultant, he might do more harm than good to your site. The worst-case scenario is getting penalized by Google. Lifting search engine penalty is not a joke. You may count for years to recover.


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Nothing To Lose If you Try My SEO Consultancy – It’s Now 100% FREE!

I’m openly giving my free SEO consultancy to all business owners who struggle to improve their website’s search engine traffic. 

Why I’m giving this FREE? I’m the firm believer of the adage “The More You Give, The More You Receive!”. It just happened I have an abundance mindset. 

Is my SEO Consultancy Worth For A Try?  

My bold answer is don’t just believe what I say, believe what you see. Let my results convince you.

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Quick Overview Of What You Can Get During My Free SEO Consultation

1.    Show You The SEO Health Status Of Your Website

Using my advanced SEO tools, I can help you diagnose the SEO health problems of your site that prevented you from ranking higher on search engines. They must be taken care of before everything else.


For example, a slow loading site is a NO-NO to Google. People nowadays are becoming impatient. They can’t afford to wait more than 5 seconds. Remember, Google top priority is the convenience of the searchers. If Google can’t provide what the searchers looking for, there’s a high chance they switch to Yahoo or Bing. And Google doesn’t want this to happen.

Another major issue of your site could be the hidden broken links. People have a slim chance to go back visiting your website if for the first time they are disappointed seeing “Page Not Found”. It seems they are hitting the dead-end of their lives.

My eyes are well trained to spot all other severe site issues that need to be addressed soonest possible.

2.  Help You Find Low-Hanging Fruits With High Commercial Intent

You can save a lot of money and time by working first your low-hanging fruits. These are the already ranked keywords that you might not know they exist.

I will be using a premium tool to dig out all the keywords that you have already ranked. Afterward, I will do my analysis of which keywords have high commercial intent and worth for further optimization.

Not all keywords will bring money to your table. Most of them are just informational keywords. Identifying the right keywords to optimize your site matters most in terms of the type of conversion you want.

It’s complete nonsense if you’ve got thousands of site visits, but those visits don’t convert well. It seems you are just throwing money on fire!

Give You The Smart Plan To Skyrocket Your SEO Traffic

I’m willing to give you a smart plan customized for your site. The plan includes calculating your potential increased of SEO traffic in an estimated time frame. You will compete, head to head with your top competitor with a laid-out strategic plan.

I will make it sure you are heading to the right road towards SEO success. Your only part is to follow the road with confidence. I’ve been running with this SEO road several times. I definitely know what’s working or not.

The plan is time-tested and proven working to skyrocket SEO Traffic, as long as you strictly follow through from A to Z.

Giving you the smart plan, it’s not the end of the game. You can contact me anytime to guide you along the way. 


Also, you are free to consult any SEO related issues you’ve encountered that you badly need help. It could be the following:

  • Penalized by Google

  • High Bounce Rate

  • Low Conversion Rate

  • A lot of spammy backlinks

  • Immediate Dropped of Rankings

  • A small number of indexed pages

  • Slow site loading speed

  • Keyword Cannibalization

  • Low Domain Authority

  • Suspended Google My Business Page

By the way, I almost forgot due to the high demand of my free consultation, you need to take action today to get an appointment.

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