If your local business is found nowhere on Local Pack Result, you have missed the great opportunity to be seen by your target customers. It seems you’re just letting profits slip away from your fingers.

Do you want this bad feeling to continue? Of course not! , especially you have a significant advantage over big brands. You will know more about this later.

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Most Alarming Local Search Stats You Need To Know

Google Mobile Movement Study has mentioned that 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device alone lead to call or in-store visit within 24 hours.

Also, according to SEO Tribunal, 78% of location-based searches result in immediate store purchases.

What do these stats mean to you? An alarming rate of demand from your nearby potential customers looking for local products or services. If you neglect this for whatever reason, for sure your competitors out there are stepping in to take advantage of this online local market demand.

No worries, it’s not too late for you! That is if you will take action immediately. Unfortunately, optimizing business listing and website can’t be done overnight. It takes time an effort! The earlier you get in the job, the faster you see a positive result.

By the way, if you sense you are already overwhelmed with your day to day business operations, let an expert do the hard work for you. Feel free to contact Local SEO Expert Armil Velos to help you.

A Must Read: The Importance of Local SEO To Every Small Business

Google has made a fair playing ground for all types of businesses. Yes, you don’t have to worry anymore, thinking about your big brand competitors.


Even if you are a start-up business as long as you’ve done local SEO correctly, you can still attract and win customers.

Is this a Joke? No, Google local ranking works this way. Google preferred to rank those businesses nearby the location of the searcher. Google is always putting the searchers on top of their mind. The searchers are their perceived customers because, without them, there’s no Google business.

Google is after the convenience of your customer as well. Based on the survey, 82% of smartphone shoppers conduct ‘near me’ or local searches.

It’s clear every small business out there has a sure ball market share near their vicinity. But wait, you can’t just wait and do nothing! How could Google rank your business if you have no online presence?

No worries, it’s free to create your Google My Business Page in just a few minutes. If you need support on this, you contact me. You might be saying, I have already my Google Business Page, and it’s already verified too. Is this enough to get high local rankings? Yes, you are right, you need more works, especially if you have nearby competition as well.

You need this time the expertise of local SEO expert that would do all the hard works necessary to highly optimized your business listing. If optimization is done correctly, you can see significant improvement like the following:

The Google Business stats you’ve seen above is one of my projects I completed in less than 30 days. I have a long list of optimization checklist. See the sneak peek below:

If you are interested, you may go here to view my GMB Optimization Project workbook.

Okay, let’s back to the topic. There’s no doubt you need local SEO optimization to get high local business visibility for your customers. Otherwise, they will choose your nearby competitors.

One more thing that you should not neglect, 97% searched online to find a local business (source: Hubspot). So, this is a great opportunity for you to take advantage immediately! If you need assistance, feel free to contact me for Free Consultation

5 Necessary Skills You Should Look For A Local SEO Expert

1. Years of Real Hands-on Experience

Yes, everyone can learn SEO quickly because of the vast training materials available online. The only complicated here is, most of the SEO courses are teaching different strategies. As a newbie without much experience, I’m sure you have difficulty figuring out which one is truly working.

Have a quick look below for sample results of the wrong optimization made by inexperienced local SEO person that caused drastic Google suspension. As you can see, Google has no mercy to the following business listings.

It’s easy to create Google Business Listing, but lifting suspension may take more months, years or even no chance left at all. So, can you afford to entrust the fate of your online presence with inexperienced local SEO person?

The great advantage of working with an experienced local SEO expert is he already figured out what’s working or not, based on his real hands-on experience. The sad part, there’s no found shortcut for this yet.

You may contact time-tested and experienced Local SEO Expert, Armil Velos. He can help you optimize your business page without worrying any Google Penalty. From his long years of experience for more than ten years now, you can expect dramatic improvement in your local business visibility.

2. Earned Third-Party SEO Certifications

The only way to verify if you’re talking to a self-claimed SEO expert is to ask for valid certifications.

An SEO Expert you should look for is the one who not only has a few bits of SEO knowledge but should have an in-depth understanding of it. This can be hard tested by taking an SEO certification exam. Consider this as a bar exam for lawyers and board exams for engineers.

In my case, even though the payment shouldered by my previous employer, I considered the fee worth enough because of its high value.

Before I took the exam, I had undergone extensive study and training. As I remember, I felt the heavy pressure on my shoulder. As you know, my previous employer fully paid for the exam. Thank God, with due diligence, I successfully passed the exam.

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3. Backed Up With Honest Positive Work Reviews

Getting SEO certification is only half-way of the game. Gaining more real experience is the winning factor that separates professionals from amateurs. If I said real experience, it means serious work day in and day out, seeking for excellence.
He’s always craving for new knowledge and more quality experience. Especially, SEO is always evolving. The strategy that works today may not be working anymore tomorrow.

How do you know you’re talking to a fake local expert? You can quickly jump and ask Google to reveal his reputation. Never ask him for references or reviews, more likely he will filter only those lovable to your eyes.

Do your research to confirm if he’s telling you a lie — first thing you have to check if Google search result is telling you the same thing.

If he’s an SEO expert, you must see relevant results. You should not be seeing more unrelated ones like a graphic artist, data encoder, gamer, tutor.

Google reviews can be a reliable source too of information. The only thing, the reviews must come from a real Google account just like the reviews I’m getting from my Google account. See below:

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4. Website Development Background

SEO is not all about link building. It includes the critical part, the onsite optimization. Also, onsite optimization is not only optimizing metadata.

It involves much more technical parts like speed optimization, fixing canonical issues, and even touching source code to make the site completely highly optimized.

If you entrust this to someone, who doesn’t even understand basic HTML codes, you’re putting the entire fate of your website to foreseen disaster. Even a single file like .htaccess file if not configured properly can make your site a complete mess!

You may have no idea about the code above, but an SEO Expert with a good background of website development will do.

Also, speed optimization is essential for every website to rank higher on search engines. Searchers are now becoming impatient when it comes to using search engines. If your site loads more than five seconds, you can expect an increased bounce rate that could affect your rankings badly. High bounce rate is a way of telling Google that your website visitors didn’t like your site.

Do you think an SEO Expert without web development skills could fix speed issues?

A Local SEO Expert with formal background education from any computer or related course is the most preferred.

Good to know that SEO Expert Armil Velos, serving you, graduated as Cum Laude in BS Computer Science. Not only he has a good website development background, but also he is a certified programmer.

5. Marketing and Sales Experience

SEO is not purely technical of getting top rankings. Even if your website on top # 2, if you are good in marketing and sales, you can still win the heart of the searchers to click your search listing.

The truth is people who do searches in Google will scan first the listings before deciding which one attract their attention and worth for their clicks. Take a quick look for a sample search result:

From the above sample result, it’s clear the person using this query “need plumber hartford” has the immediate need of a plumber service. And not just researching list of best plumbers. In this case, #4 listing has more chances of getting more clicks than the top listings, right?

See sample below of the scanning of searchers. It’s clear. They don’t immediately click the top 1 listing. They take into consideration looking around the available options that would best attract their interest.

Although getting on the top ranking is the most important factor because people scan from top to bottom. But crafting a good search listing with attention-grabbing title and meta description is a big help to hold the eyes of the searchers and invite them to click quickly on your listing without taking a look on available options.

“It makes no sense if you are #1 but with no clicks or no conversion at all!”

Armil Velos

So, it’s not anymore debatable here, that an SEO Expert with good marketing or sales background is a great advantage. He does not only help you bring your site to top ranking but would invite more clicks or conversion as well.

If you have difficult times looking for a Local SEO Expert with marketing in mind, you may consider Armil Velos. He’s a marketing manager in his past works.

He’s also known for his “SEO Strategy That Converts.” He can help you big to bring more profits to your table.