Local Citation – What is it and How to build one?

If you own or you run a local or small business, there is a huge chance that you have heard of citations. Local citations, as the name suggests, simply are web-based references or indications of your company’s name or business. It is a combination of your business’s name, address, phone number, zip code, and your website address.

Local citations are often considered as the backbone of every good SEO strategy. But how does it affect local searches? Or does it even matter?

How do Local Citation Affect SEO?

Local Citations play major in the world of local SEO services. To put it simply, local citations are listings of business information. Those listings are crafted to help local users and researchers find relevant details and information about a certain business within their geographic area.

The name, address, phone number, and even your business’s website may be included for additional power in the search engine.

Using local citations most productively may help you attract the right set of people and prospects with your business listings.

Local citations do not necessarily mean that you need to link back to your website to make it more valuable and recognizable. What values more is the fact that your company’s name is mentioned. Search engines can recognize that your business was mentioned with the presence of your name, address, and phone number (NAP) info, and with that, you already gained an extra credit.

The more your website gets mentioned and appears on search engines like Google, the more it becomes distinguished and recognized that it eventually helps your ranking. The point is, local citations don’t always need to have a link to become prominent. 

Types of Local Citation

Structured Citations

– A structured citation is when your business is mentioned on website directories such as Google+, Yelp, Bing, Facebook, and Yellow Pages. 

– With a structure citation, there is a need to claim and optimize your citations. You need to make sure that every single detail is filled in and very detail must also be correctly written and must match all the information on other citations.

Unstructured Citations

– An unstructured citation, on the other hand, is when your business is mentioned or discussed on a non-business directory site.

– Most unstructured citations are found on newspaper websites, blogs, review sites, social media, and other non-business directory sites.

When using a structured citation, every single detail and information given must match with all citations across. Building citations and optimizing them will help your business’ search ranking.

Building Your Local Citation

One of the most integral parts of SEO is local citations. It can catapult your ranking in the search engine world. As you can see, citations are very important to your local SEO approach. Once your SEO ranking starts to sink, you might need more targeted citations.

Using local citations will increase your business’ chance of being found easily on search results. By providing your business information to local citation sources, you are affirming the credibility and authenticity of your business in a particular city, state, or country.

The Key Benefits of Local Citation

Local Citations help you improve your rank in the search engine world. Local citations are seen as an incredible and reliable way of building your business’s name because of several benefits.

Instill confidence and security to your customers

– Local citations that are carefully created and monitored eliminate doubt and confusion to your prospects. Google and other search engines like to provide information in their local listings. If your business’ information (name, address, phone number) is mentioned on a variety of authority sites, researchers and possible customers will be convinced in purchasing your product or choosing your services. This will give your business a more credible name and minimize doubt.

Easier to Locate your Business/Improve your Local Rankings

– This is one of the key benefits that local citation may give you. With local citations, people and your prospects can easily locate your business and contact details. Through local citations, your business’ details become more visible and accessible.

How to Build Local Citations?
  1. Review the information you have provided
  2. Inspect for a possible existing citation
  3. Create a list of Local Citations
  4. Build your Citations

Local citations provide search engines the idea that you are part of a community. With Local Citations, you will be able to manage your business’s reputation and improve your rankings quickly and effectively.

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