How to Write an Appealing and SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Every blogger around the world knows how important it is for blogs to rank high in search engines.

Blogging is a popular option to increase a website’s ranking in the search engine industry.

Most customers trust advice and information from blogs mostly written by an SEO Expert.

Apart from that fact, blogging also allows people with a great sense of writing to do what they love, and those who want to expand their horizons and learnings the chance to do it.

Blogs do matter because it helps build an audience which is useful when talking about increasing your visibility level in search engines.

Get noticed By Search Engines

The internet continuously expands and changes its ways to get traffic. Some ways include search engine optimization, social networking, paid advertisements, and other sensible ways that are possible and sensible in the search marketing strategy.

Another way of improving your website’s rank is through publishing blog posts with good-quality content. With consistent blogging, your website can get recognition with SEO without doing the hard labor!

If you are already publishing good-quality and relevant blog posts on your site, then you are taking a huge step towards making a strong SEO for your site.

If you are planning to start this career for your website, here are some of the most useful tips for writing SEO-friendly blog posts.


Think before you start writing

What you write will reflect on your success. Whenever you are in the right place to write, do not forget to think before writing. Spend some time and gather enough information to write on your post.

Not only will it help you write a good blog, but it will also help you set topics that can benefit your readers.

When you choose a good topic, make sure also to locate and choose your audience.

Who is most likely to read your blogs? What do you think will they look for? Are you going to help them in a way beneficial for them and you?


Write a Quality Content

After a period of planning and researching, you have finally identified which topic will generate more readers.

What you need to do now is to write content that is relevant and useful to users and has a low competition rate.

Create a blog that is worthy of recognition.

Pro SEO Tip:

Write an original blog – never use the ‘copy and paste’ method. Search engines can identify if your blog post is duplicated so, make a more appealing and original blog that will benefit both your readers and the search engine.

Mention your keyword throughout the blog to help the search engine determine and categorize your webpage.

Produce a grammatically correct content and avoid misspelling words.


Create a visually appealing Content

According to some studies, contents with visual representation grab more visits than those without.

People are most usually engaged in blogs where visual content exists.

Images draw more attention than texts and that is non-questionable. So, try to make your content more engaging by providing visual presentations now and then.


Enhance the Length of your Blog Post

Content must not only be visually pleasing, but it must also have good and lengthy content.

The purpose of the content is to inform people and answer their queries.

If your article has long enough content, it means that you have written a useful article for your readers.

Pros SEO Tip:

The search engine also likes lengthy articles. However, try as much as possible not to write a too-long article. It could scare away your readers.

A 700-word article is good to go, so avoid making longer content to continuously generate and attract readers.


Call some friend to read and rate your Article

This is one of the tactics that could help you create good content for your blog posts.

Before you publish a post, allow someone to read the article and rate it. Ask him/her if the content’s idea is delivered and let him/her correct your wrongly stated sentences or typos.



Before every blog post gets published and posted, it is important to take deep and thorough research and study to make an article worth reading and recognized.

Follow the guidelines and you will get a blog that’s more than fantastic.

Nowadays when good content provides more traffic for a website, what you need to do is to follow these tips and get an SEO-friendly blog post for your readers and the search engines!


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