How To Find Broken Links Using Free SEO Tool

Broken links or dead links are detrimental to your high SEO rankings. Search engines don’t ever allow a page with a broken link to their top listings. Why? It’s a bad user experience at all. 

 Imagine you’re seriously looking for a solution to your problem, and when you try to follow the link, it’s non-existent. How do you feel? Of course, you’re disappointed.  

 Do you think this won’t hurt the reputation of a search engine? If they allow pages with broken links to be listed on top positions. 

 So, if you want to win the hearts of search engines for high rankings, you should make sure your site is free from broken links.  

 But finding broken links is a time-consuming task if you have hundreds of pages. Can you afford to sit long hours to check one by one if all your page links are working fine? Why not leverage the power of automated tools? 

 You may be thinking; I won’t invest my money just for the sake of looking for broken links. Especially, SEO tools now, are quite expensive.   

 You may be thinking about advanced SEO tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and the like. These tools are great for a complete SEO solution. But if your intention only for finding dead links or broken links, I guess it’s not a smart decision to get one because they’re quite expensive. 

 You might be thinking too of using Broken Link Check WordPress plugins. They’re a good option, but adding a plugin can make your site slower. So, it’s not for me the best option.


 Let me reveal to you for a long time free tool I’ve been using. I guess more than five years now. This free tool is a tool working great without costing you a dime. You may let it run in the background while waiting for the result. 

 Do you have a little bit of idea? I’m referring to this free online broken link check

online broken link checker


  As you see, it’s awarded as one of the best web tools. Let me run through to you how it works. 

 Simply enter your URL in the specified box, as shown below:


 Then, click the button “Find Broken Links”. The next window will appear. 


Supply the correct security code by copying the captcha code provided. And then you have to wait while it’s processing to find all broken links of your site.  

Once done, see sample result below:


 For this sample website, it has eight broken links found from its 84 web pages. Let’s delve into understanding the broken link report provided by the tool.

 You can quickly find broken links by using the information in “Link Text” and “Page where found” columns.


 For example, the #1 broken link shown above, 

if you click the “url” in the “Page where found” column. You’ll see the page where there’s a broken link.


 To find the broken link without spending too much time reading all the texts found on the page, you need to use the search feature. Press Ctrl+F and then put in the link text, then press enter. In our example, the link text is “PURCHASE WINE”.


 This is how easy to find the broken link on the page. It’s up to you now to replace it with a working URL. Repeat the process for the succeeding broken links reported by the Online Broken Links Checker. 

 I hope this helps you. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance in fixing those broken links.

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