Honest Questions You Should Ask to an SEO Consultant

Do you have a website?

If you own one and notice that your site isn’t showing on the first page of large search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, then a lot of your prospective customers might not be seeing your site or worse is they won’t even know you existed!

A strong search engine visibility is necessary if you aim to boost the visits to your website.

That thing alone can increase your website’s visits and eventually lead to the escalation of your profits and brand awareness.

But the problem is, you do not possess the knowledge and technical skills to improve your website’s visibility ranking in the search engines.

That is when hiring a reliable SEO Consultant becomes a more sensible idea.


Be Acquainted with an SEO Consultant

You might be wondering what an SEO Consultant does and how you are going to find one.

To simply define this term, an SEO Consultant is a person who possesses a specialized and professional skillset in the digital marketing industry.

One of the primary job descriptions of an SEO Consultant is to break down, evaluate, and improve a website’s search engine performance.


The Main Goal

Their main goal is to engage and eventually convert and get your website found in Google search, using a set of proven SEO strategies to attract a large number of targeted audiences and turning them into customers.

An SEO Consultant’s job takes a lot of planning, strategizing, and development before it can be executed.

The duties and responsibilities of an SEO consultant are so extensive, and it involves an ample spectrum of digital marketing control and discipline that non-professionals cannot guarantee.


The Big Questions

The need to compete in the search engine world and to improve the website’s ranking somehow urges a lot of website owners to seek help from professionals.

Whenever there is a need to hire an SEO consultant, you need to ask him several questions. A thorough investigation will not hurt plus

Here are the most essential questions to ask when you consider hiring a prospective SEO Consultant:


What is Your Work History?

By asking this question, you are trying to broaden your knowledge on which specific areas the SEO consultant has already worked with and to get yourself some useful ideas and clues about his background.

An esteemed SEO consultant will open and share a brief but significant list of his former clients and a portfolio of results of his previous works from his past clients.

Without a doubt, most search engine experts have already worked with different companies and brands.

There is a need to know what kind of experiences your consultant has which specific area he has worked and mastered for.


What Specific Services do you Provide?

This question can be answered differently depending on the standing of the SEO consultant.

But before even asking, you also need to make sure that you know which services you might be needing from them.

Do you need them to list down all essential SEO strategies and methods that the SEO Consultant uses when providing services and after finding out, get to know more about the consultant, and the level of his expertise?


How Are You Going to Improve my Website Ranking?

Anyone will give the same promises and tell you how they are going to make your site visible online. However, they cannot provide you with an instant result.

But what you need to know is how the same consultant can overcome and adapt to Google’s continuous algorithm, and what strategies and tools he is going to implement to boost your website’s ranking.

Understanding well how the SEO consultant can place your site above other competitors.

An SEO consultant, however, can at least give you some estimation of the rankings and other future achievements your website may get after his/her work.

Though the certainty is high that predicting one’s possible ranking may not be easily estimated, there is a need for a slight affirmation to avoid questioning the morality and the credibility of a freelance SEO consultant.


How Experienced are you at improving Local Search Results?

Placing on top of the local search engine results is doubly important for local and small businesses that aim to attract more customers.

To be able to fully do that, you need a consultant who has proven expertise in local SEO techniques.

A skilled consultant can tell you his areas of expertise and how he can place your business on top of the local search rankings.


Which SEO Tools do you Use?

Knowing which tools does the SEO Consultant uses is also crucial.

This will help you differentiate a well-rounded consultant from the rest.

You also need to ask which tools does the consultant uses for each client, what studies does he/she conducts about a website’s technical SEO issues, and reporting.


How Often do you send and provide updates?

Hiring an SEO consultant that is transparent and will give you updates on the work progress is important.

So, in which ways will that consultant update you?

Ask them how they will keep you informed and updated about some changes that they make.

What you need is a consultant who can communicate with you and someone who has the best approach that would fit best to your needs and wants.

You need to know how he/she would want to communicate with you.


Why Ask Questions?

The questions you ask before you hire an SEO consultant does not mean that you want to put pressure on their shoulders.

The question you give allows you to make a better decision for yourself and your brand.

Asking questions would not hurt so much as it only signifies the serious nature of your business and as you can see, finding an SEO consultant for your business takes time and includes the process.

SEO is a strategy with long-term goals, so work with an SEO consultant that will help you foster your business and makes the most sense out of it.

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