5 of the Biggest SEO Myths You Should Know About

Search Engine Optimization has always been around different debates and discussions.

A lot of business owners are often left confused and off tracked every time they try to the job because of the different myths and false facts that are shared and distributed about search engine optimization over the years.

SEO experts try their hardest in clearing out all the misconducts and false information about SEO.

Some myths were eventually true but are no longer relevant due to the outdated information it provides while other myths remained as rumors and false beliefs proving and holding no truth.

Most probably because of the opinions of different people that SEO myths were created, plus the unending numbers of blogs, assembly, and other social networking sites where opinions and speculations are shared and discussed.


The Myths and Misapprehesions

Ever wonder what are the biggest myths in SEO? Here are 5 Biggest SEO Myths:


Instantaneous Result and Success

This is probably one of the most discussed myths in the world of SEO.

But success as we all know, don’t come overnight. One must work hard and before success would come knocking into your door.

This kind of ideology gives false hopes to those who believe resulting in disappointment. Always remember that counting one’s chicken before they could even hatch will bring nothing but dismay.

So, before you cry out of victory, work for it and understand what SEO all is about and you’ll get that success at the right time.


There is a secret routine to improve your site’s rank 

There is no such thing as the secret sauce to success. A lot of people believe that there are some top-secret recipes to catapult a site on top of the search engines.

The truth is, no other techniques will improve your ranking, instead, improve your strategies and other ranking factors so you can have an optimized result and better outcome.


SEO is all about Keywords

The keywords are indeed relevant to boost your site’s visibility; however, it doesn’t mean that the density of your keywords will automatically lead you to a great rank.

This is a proven misconception that simply using and putting your keywords will work well according to your website.

Take note that there is no such thing as ‘automatic’ in the search engine world.


What worked Yesterday will work Today

Another popular myth is this one. The internet and search engines are governed by rules which are not set for a lifetime.

Things will develop and grow and sooner there will be a need to change ways and methods to constantly strive for the better. Success isn’t for those who play safe. It’s something that can only be achieved by adapting and continuously moving forward.

So, if you believe that what worked yesterday will work today and tomorrow and the next decades, you are left behind.


You don’t need an SEO Expert 

To whoever said that SEO jobs are for everyone, then you are completely wrong. SEO isn’t built for everyone to master. If you do this job, you must have the expertise that most SEO Experts possess.

SEO requires wider and broader knowledge and dedication. SEO is a continuous channel that is why there is a need for skills and ability.

One person without proper skillset cannot be considered an SEO Expert and remember that not everyone is gifted to become an expert.


What Leads to Misinformation?

What leads to Mistakes

SEO is a big world and an endless pool of knowledge and information.

One of the many factors, why there are several misconceptions about SEO, is because of the many blogs and articles that exist only to question the credibility and the accuracy of the method.

But before we easily jump in the bandwagon, let us not forget that the main goal of SEO is to improve the level of your website’s visibility, therefore believing in numerous rumors that are unproven is the same as misjudging the purpose of SEO.

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