5 Major Factors that Affect your SEO Rankings

The requirements given by SEO keeps on changing, and sometimes we stumble down trying to keep up and adapt to the latest developments. Being able to rank on the first page of large search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo cannot be accomplished with just a stroke of mere luck.

Learning the key factors that can remarkably affect your site’s ranking is a must. If you aim to bring your Google ranking from nowhere to the top, you need to be known and recognized. Otherwise, you can’t expect your site to make it to the first page any time soon. Strategies used for Local SEO are different from the average SEO campaigns. For small businesses and companies that depend on local customers to male sales, the need to show up in search engines’ ranking above the competitors is very important.

The Importance of Ranking Well on Search Engine

Local SEO services employ tactics and strategies that help small businesses increase their local rankings, and they understand how crucial it is for geo-specific companies to maintain a top position. Local businesses reaching for new local customers is necessary to achieve success.

As we go over this discussion, we will discuss the different factors that influence your ranking on the search engines and how it affects your visibility and reachability.

The Factors

#1 Fresh and Original Content

– You are probably fed up with this one since we have talked a lot about content that it’s likely making your eyes sting. But whether you like it or not, producing a good content matter. Google recognizes and appreciates sites that publish content with fresh ideas regularly.

– If your website produces less content without quality and freshness, your site may suffer from low ranking and positioning.

#2 Proper Usage of Keywords

– Again, keywords are very important when building a site’s rank. If you want to rank on Google and other major search engines, you need to show them that your site offers relevant results for the keywords, users might be searching for. The crawlers that that search engines use will go over your page and analyze what it is all about. Your keywords will help those crawlers determine which searches your page may be relevant for.

– However, you must avoid overusing your keywords. Uncontrolled usage of keywords can be considered as “keyword stuffing” and can result in a Google penalty that is not good for your ranking ability.

#3 User Experience 

– Your users’ experience may not be your top priority and the last thing that will come into your mind when it comes to SEO. But good user experience is a major key if you aim to increase your search engine rankings. SEO and good user experience if combined can be a winning piece for you. Major search engines look for websites that provide good user experience and reward them while those who do not will be penalized.

– How your users behave will help Google and other search engines analyze if your website is useful or not. Because after all, that is what we are all about, giving our users a positive and excellent experience that will make them stay or come back.

#4 Link Building 

– Link building helps you boost your ranking on search engines. When websites with high-credibility are linked to your website, it means that your website produces worth-sharing content to any of your audiences. In order to compete in a local search nowadays, you need to build backlinks. When getting links from other sites, you need to target for high-quality and authority backlinks.

#5 Social Signals

– Some studies indicated that social media help websites have a better ranking. However different researches reject the idea that social media is a big ranking factor.

– Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more are becoming more popular places for people who like to spend time on the internet. Some of them even look for useful information using social media sites. Though it’s still debated whether social media actually help your rankings, owning an active social profile with great and fresh content will surely help you gain more traffic for your site.

The Bottomline

Some of you might be wondering why you’re not getting high rankings and more targeted traffic when you have done everything you could to build a better website. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about it and reconsider the online marketing strategy you are using.

With proper reconsideration of these 5 major yet little-known factors, you might be able to top your game and get the best for your local SEO campaign!

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