4 Major Reasons Why Your Website is not Showing Up in Google

You have finally created your website. All the hard works are starting to pay-off.

You have created a good theme suitable for your website and finally wrote some content and publish those contents.

But wait, why don’t you see your site on Google and other search engines? Just when you thought you will get the traffic you always wanted; you can’t even find your website. Why not ask an SEO expert what is happening?

It might make you wonder why and left you confused.


What happens if your Website doesn’t Show Up?

If your website is not reachable on any search engine tool, this only means that most people won’t be able to find your business and your contact. This means that you could lose a chance for qualified leads and revenue.

The best thing to do is to find ways to fix the problem immediately. SEO experts often find ways to fix the problem and make sure to fill-up anything that the site may lack.

Maybe you are wondering right now why your website doesn’t show up in Google and other search engines, believing that you have done your part.

As you go over this article, you will learn the different reasons why your website is prevented from being visible in the search engines.


Reason # 1

Your site wasn’t indexed by Google

If you have tried to search for your website on Google and nothing appears, chances are high that your website is still to be indexed yet. Google is responsible for indexing your created website.

However, it does not happen overnight. It takes time before your website gets indexed by Google and eventually be recognized. You can submit your site for indexing through Google Search Console.

Google doesn’t instantly index every submitted URL and there is no guarantee when the submitted URLs will appear on their index.


Reason # 2

Your site has no content/Your content is irrelevant

Contents make the site alive and running. Without content, your website would only look like a floating banner without life.

No matter how much you try to beautify your website if it doesn’t possess highly relevant content, then it surely won’t get the attention it wishes to get.

The thing is Google wants content that will match what people are looking for. To say it plainly and simply, if you have a little or no content to your site, then it is no surprise that your site won’t show up on Google.


Reason # 3

Your Keywords Are Too Competitive/Using wrong Keywords

Using the wrong or highly competitive keywords also affect your ranking and visibility on the search engines.

Google, as we all know Google enables thousands and millions of users to navigate the internet and look for useful data and information they need.

Stuffing your website with wrong keywords and broad ones will not allow you to reach your audience and visitors. Make use of less competitive keywords for your site.

Conduct research and target for narrower keywords that will surely capture Google’s attention.


Reason # 4                 


There are no Inbound links

If your website is not new but doesn’t show up in Google, then you might not be having enough Inbound links. As time passes, it is also important to increase your inbound links to your site.

Inbound links or links from another site to yours are one of the greatest factors that Google uses to identify how trustworthy and relevant your website is.

By having more quality links on your site, the more valuable your site gets from Google. However, this is kind of tricky.

Your website might get penalized if you resort to spamming non-authority websites within your content. So, avoid doing it.


The Right Thing to Do

One way of making sure that your website will be recognized by Google is by making sure that you avoid doing anything harmful to your site while continuously improving what’s inside your website.

Being recognized by a large search engine with millions of users isn’t going to take one night to happen – it needs patience, perseverance, and a lot of dedication.

If there is anything that your website lacks, make sure to fix those issues right away. Do not wait until there is nothing you can do anymore.

If your website is not giving off relevant content, then produce one! If your website’s keywords show no major response from users, then change them! Any way that you can do to get Google’s attention will do, as long as it’s in the right way!

Do not lose hope, instead, change and continuously adapt to what Google is looking for until you reach the goal you always wanted to achieve!

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