Hi!,  I’m  Armil Velos ,a hardworking father and loving husband.  I’ve been working SEO for more than a decade now.

I coined the title myself as “SEO Expert Daddy”  for the reason  I’m enjoying a lot working here as a daddy of my 3 lovely little kids.

Of course, not an exception to my beautiful wife. 🙂

Found Armil to be efficient and professional in his approach, just let him know what keywords to rank …

 Would definitely use again when needed!

Darin Hindmarsh, CEO Intellichoice (Brisbane, Australia)

It’s my great pleasure working here from home as an SEO Expert. Knowing that in the other door, I can hug and play my cute kids anytime as I wanted to.

Of course, I have to do this during break time.

It has been more than 10 long years now helping different kinds of businesses.  Based on my records, I already helped more than 500 local businesses gained search engine exposure thru top rankings.

Armil worked with us as an SEO expert and helped us gain rank to the 1st page in Google in a few short months.

Responsible and reliable who you can depend on to show up to work daily without motivation.

Ikaika Kimura, Hawaii Web Development

Now, I have a quick question to you!

Do you have a website? If YES, you need to continue reading this to find out my long-time tested and bullet-proof SEO Strategy. This is designed to work for long-term haul.

See below for one of my awesome results.

I’m confident to say, my SEO strategy is bullet-proof from any algorithmic changes because it’s in alignment with the core purpose of search engine’s existence.  You will learn more about this later.

On the other hand, if you are a businessman who is too busy with your business operation and NO TIME for SEO

, you may contact me immediately to handle your SEO needs.

And get high site rankings without worrying any site penalty.

So, you better entrust it with a real expert.

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Open Your Eyes: SEO Most Important Role To Your Business Success

Do you know? As of this moment of my writing, there are already 88.7  MILLION sites, showing up on Google Search Result for the term “SEO Expert”.

It’s a BIG  number, uhh!

What does this mean to you?

Actually, there are only 2 GEMS behind this big number.

1st GEM:  SEO is no doubt accepted as a necessity in the business world.

If you have no presence in search results, you’re far behind from your competitors.

The demand is dramatically moving up. Small to large businesses are positively gearing toward continuous website optimization or known as Search Engine Optimization.

Can you afford your business be left behind?

Here’s another amazing fact, I recently pulled out a report from Google Trends for the term “SEO”. Here’s what I’ve got!

As you can see, the wordwide interest for SEO is climbing high. Not only this I also did a close comparison with the term “website design”.

Do you know what I found out? See the graph below:

YES!, It’s crystal clear more and more business people are losing the interest of investing too much in website looks. Instead, they are paying attention to optimizing their sites.

Without question, they are convinced that SEO is a determining factor for them to succeed online. That’s why the global interest is growing up.

Yeah, the graph above doesn’t lie!

They have learned that even if you are the #1 good-looking website with a flashy design but almost no visitors coming towards your site. It seems useless like a dead turtle. It’s not worth an investment, right?

2nd GEM:  You can’t deny that you need also SEO to help your customers or clients easily find your business from search engine results.

The best thing about visitors coming from search engines, they are those confirmed hungry people looking for a solution for their pressing problems.

And you are there providing such a solution!

For instance, a visitor coming to a site from a search query “buy digital cam”.  Obviously, it has a buying intent to purchase a digital cam.

So, whatever services or products you have, you can easily attract targeted clients or customers once you’ve optimized your website properly.

From my long years of experience, I am standing witness of the fast-evolving SEO.  Almost every month, there are a bunch of algorithmic updates especially Google.

According to MOZ ,  Google alone changes its search algorithm around 500 – 600 times.  It’s a SHOCKING number!

If you are a business owner, what does this number tell you?

Exactly!, it needs a lot of hard work in your part. You need to understand all those frequent changes in order to adapt. I’m sure you have no time for this if you are a true entrepreneur.

So, why not leave it to an SEO Expert? In this case, you can focus more on your business operation and expansion.

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TIP:If you are operating a small business, look for a local SEO expert to help you rank too in Google Map.

And for whatever reason, you choose to look for  another expert. My best advice is to determine first of what kind of strategy he is using.

He might be practicing dirty or manipulative strategies known as blackhat or greyhat ones.
This will surely penalize your website and may take a long time to recover.

Just like several years ago, any site could easily get higher rankings by just stuffing or adding more keywords to your website. Even, it’s awkward to read.

But NOT now, because of Google Panda update that was first introduced in February 2011. Without mercy, it will slam or penalize sites with poor contents.

Here’s another old SEO school strategy that worked before like MAGIC.

It’s acquiring domain name with exact keywords in it, like this one buy-cheap-house-near-you-sydney.com.  It’s nonsense name that no one dares to remember!

Sad to say, it’s not working anymore because of another Google update that strongly fights this type of manipulative strategy. It’s known as Google EMD(Exact Match Domain) update.

And what I remember the most that disrupted the link building software industry is the Google Penguin update.

Before the said update, automated link building worked like MAGIC too. There were SEO tools made that would auto submit to thousands of low-quality sites. Thus getting a massive number of backlinks was not a problem at all.

Unfortunately, Google Penguin came forward to end this dirty trick.  Any sites caught with low-quality backlinks or unnatural link building activity got a serious penalty.  Getting hit by a site penalty like this may take years to recover!

Why put your business into the HIGH-RISK ground?

Instead, you must be picky in choosing the right SEO Expert to work with you.  Otherwise, he might be using old-school SEO strategies that you are not aware of. And this could hurt your rankings badly!

As my gift to you, I’m willing to evaluate any kind of SEO strategy.

Definitely, I will speak from my long 10 years of SEO experience.  Feel free to contact me today!

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Why You Should Listen To Armil As An SEO Expert or Specialist?

I successfully passed the comprehensive SEO Certification exam from SEOCertification.org.   I remember I spent 2 months preparing the exam to make sure I could make it.

I felt the pressure in my shoulder because the payment of the exam was shouldered by my previous employer.  I was thinking before, I should pass this or else I would lose a job!

The best thing about this certification, they provided me with an exclusive SEO Study Course.   But the bad thing it’s a long study material.  It seems like an encyclopedia.

It covers all aspects of SEO from ground zero to advanced level.  Indeed, it’s worth the time and effort!

To make the story short, I took the exam with confidence because I studied too much with a lot of prayers.

Thanks to our Almighty God, I successfully passed the exam and earned the badge of Certified SEO Professional.

Do you have an idea about inbound marketing? Anyway, this kind of marketing is a technique to attract customers or clients to products and services.

I found this essential as important add-on skill because it works in tandem with SEO.  It’s not worth the time and effort if you have top rankings but with little or no conversions at all.

For me, the end goal of SEO is to turn your search engine visitors into loyal customers or clients.

Yes, it’s useless even if you hold on the 1st ranking position but your site is only getting few buyers or clients.

Inbound Marketing will help you turn visitors into loyal customers or clients.

And this is the main reason I spent too much time and effort to study in-depth about Inbound Marketing. I decided too to take the challenging exam from Hubspot.com.

Good thing, I passed the exam and earned this title “Inbound Marketing Certified Professional”.

I’m surprised that I earned this expert badge “SEO Deity” after taking the quiz for the 1st time in Moz.com.

I guess this is the highest expert title  I’ve got.  The quiz has 50-packed questions that covered all aspects of search engine optimization.

It’s shocking to know that only a few of those who claimed SEO experts earned this title.

I can say this quiz is a great tool to assist your level of SEO knowledge.

I challenge you to beat me by taking the quiz here https://moz.com/seo-expert-quiz.  Don’t take it seriously, just make it fun!.

If you can’t make it, that’s totally okay!

I guess you have now the compelling reason  to hire me as your friendly SEO Expert.

I started working SEO since 2008. It’s been a long while, right?

As of this time of writing, I have already optimized more than 500 websites from various industries like financial, law, e-commerce, dental, real estate, insurance, and so much more to mention.

90% of the sites I worked, I did complete SEO from A-Z of optimization.

Yes, this includes major milestones like comprehensive website audit, in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, content optimization, and link outreach.

I hired Armil for a long term SEO project and i must say that he has impressed me from the start with his SEO knowledge and abilities.

Met targets consistently and was cooperative along the way. I highly recommend him to anyone with SEO needs.

Oficha G., Small Business Owner
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5 Green Signals Of A Competent SEO Expert

You better run as fast as you can, if you’ve heard someone giving you sure ball guarantee to move up your site to Rank #1 in a specific period of time.

The truth is no one knows exactly search engines’ algorithm. Google alone has over thousands of ranking metrics involved.

Also, they will never ever expose their complex algorithm to anyone else. This is to avoid any ranking manipulation that could ruin their search engine reputation.

A real SEO expert, whom you can trust, deeply understands this aspect. He won’t ever give any false ranking promises to their clients.

What he could guarantee only is improved rankings or organic traffic, once the proper SEO procedures is implemented.

You can’t call someone a competent SEO expert if what he does only is link building and a few tweaks in on page like title and metadata.

He should have also an expertise in much more technical aspects like modifying the site source code to make it SEO-friendly.

This may involve touching the .htaccess file as a direct way to fix canonical or duplicate content issues. A little bit wrong in modifying this file can make the entire site a complete mess.

Minifying CSS and javascript files are some of the important onsite optimizations to improve the loading speed of the site.

And in some instances, modifying site layout is necessary to make the site highly optimized both for visitors and search engines.

Surely, it’s a high risk if you entrust your website optimization to someone who has difficulty understanding on the technical side, even just HTML codes.

An SEO expert who graduated from any computer or programming bachelor course will do as long as he has enough understanding and experience in website development.

Even if you have hired separately a website developer, it’s still essential to have an SEO Expert with a good background in website development. He can help or guide the website developer to make the site SEO-friendly during the development stage.

Before hiring an SEO expert, the important thing to assist first is to check if he will be using any software to automate link building.

In the past, using link building tools is working good, but not this time with the advent of Google Penguin.

This Google’s algorithm is closely tracking the type of backlinks your site has. Acquiring low-quality backlinks from spammy websites is a big Yes to get hard and serious search engine penalty.

Link acquisition frequency is also tracked. So, massive link building or getting thousands of backlinks in a short period of time is insanely dangerous too.

Even using an article spinner to rewrite articles in a matter of minutes is doing more harm than good. Google Panda is tracking too about the content quality.

You know Google and other major search engines are getting smarter nowadays.  They can easily detect if you’re using software to acquire backlinks. The bad thing, you can’t outsmart them.

Search engines invested lots of money and resources to protect their reputation. They hired the best and smartest people in the industry.

A top ranking position is only part of the puzzle of successful search engine marketing. Even your site holds Ranked #1 but your listing info is quite boring. No one would dare to click on it.

Basically, people won’t immediately click top 1 site. More likely, they will scan first the entire top 10 listing and even go deeper, looking something that is alluring to their eyes.

Yes, it’s important to get top ranking positions because these are the strategic place most people start scanning the search results. It’s top to bottom!

But still, how you craft your title and description matters most to get them clicked your site listing over others.

If you do this wrong, it seems you are just throwing money out of the window. People would skip over your listing and choose to click your competitors with a much more appealing listing.

The fact, even if you are in position #5, you can still attract them to click on your listing if you have done it right with marketing in mind.

Marketing skill is indeed an important piece to come up an attention-grabbing title and description.

This should be partnered with SEO skill or else no one can see your awesome listing info if it’s ranked 100.

People are becoming impatient nowadays. Always aim to position your site on 1st or 2nd page. Beyond this is zombies zone.

Also, marketing is not only applied in the search result but also in optimizing your website contents and link acquisition activities.  Surely, this can help skyrocket your conversion rate!

So, SEO and Marketing are both needed for a successful search engine marketing campaign. One will not work best without the presence of other.

Thus, an SEO Expert who has working experience in sales and marketing can do an incredible performance to make SEO works for your business. Not only getting search traffic but knows how to turn such traffic into sales.

Most SEO experts I know put too much concentration on activities, NOT on results. They believe that SEO is a number’s game. They work hard to get the most number of backlinks.

Without your knowing, they easily get tempted to use any dirty SEO tactics like using link building software and article spinner. And even buying links from other SEO providers.

Most of often they will keep sending you a list of activities they did such as the long list of backlinks acquired, blog posts created, and other big numbers.

This is just to make a good impression that they work hard, worth the money you paid for their unwavering efforts.

In SEO, it doesn’t work like this. Quality wins over quantity.  Backlinks should be acquired naturally over time, not overnight.

Google and other search engines can quickly detect with accuracy if the content is a spun one or not.

A real SEO expert should focus their reports on showing you the improvements they’ve done to your site. They should present you an improved organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rate.

Yes, they could also present you the details of what they’ve done but still, their main focus is getting results.

This is what you are paying for, real results and not alluring SEO activities!

Quick Overview Of My Time-Tested Working SEO Strategy

My SEO strategy is a time-tested one designed to work for long-term regardless of whatsoever unexpected algorithmic changes.

The main focus of this strategy is to please site visitors by giving them relevant and good user experience, where conversion will come naturally at a surprising rate.

This strategy will continue to evolve for visitors’ satisfaction but the core still serves the backbone to make it works for long-term haul.

This SEO strategy of mine is a holistic approach with marketing in mind to appeal most to your target audience.  See below for the milestones of the whole process:

a. In-depth  Keyword  Discovery

Here, I  conduct keyword research analysis for each site page to find out a group of LSI or related keywords. This process is essential to come up well-optimized contents during content optimization procedures.

I have here a handful of SEO analysis tools both free and paid ones, like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, and others.I used a combination of tools to gather sufficient data to come up an intelligent analysis.

Not only, researching commercial keywords, I also do an in-depth research to discover informational keywords for the creation of booster pages.

Booster page is essential to gain dominant rankings from multiple keywords. It’s designed for blog influencers. Basically, this serves as link magnets.

Finding the right keywords for your business is crucial for SEO success. Even you have the best service or product in the whole world but you are targeting the wrong audience. It’s just like you are selling red lipsticks to real gentlemen.

Optimizing your website with the right keywords will not only attract relevant search traffic to your site but also skyrocket your conversions.

b. 360 Degrees Website Audit

Critical onsite issues of your site are the main reasons your site has difficulty crawling to the top ranking positions.

These issues can create bad user experience. Thus, search engines won’t allow you to get high rankings.

What can I help?

I can help to make your site loveable to the eyes of both visitors and search engines. Not only, I will properly optimize your website contents, but also I will include all other technical aspects to make sure your site is highly optimized. These may include site structuring, keyword URL mapping, and proper internal linking.

My good experience in website development is an add-on great asset.  I can immediately identify your site hidden issues, not obvious to the eyes of an ordinary SEO specialist or SEO Consultant.  Like for example, canonical issues that could cause a duplicate content penalty.  The messy coding of your website could prevent search engines to crawl properly your entire website.

Also, I have here special tools to help me determine quickly major site issues that need to be fixed soonest possible.

My complete website diagnostic checklist will make sure every site issue is dealt with accordingly to make your website highly optimized and fine-tuned for high rankings.

I also look deeply into your backlink profile using paid tools like ahrefs, moz, and other advanced analysis tools. I need to know closely if your website has some toxic backlinks that are pulling your website down the rankings.

Beyond SEO, I will analyze your website traffic and conversion standing. And I will give you too appropriate recommendations that will work best in tandem with SEO.

c. Website SEO Overhauling

After comprehensive website audit, I will proceed on fixing immediately whatever SEO issues found.

Basically, I will start fixing from major to minor issues. Major issues like slow loading speed, poor or thin contents, broken links, and duplicate issues. These major issues are strong determining factors to get your website banned or penalized if not addressed immediately.

Most of the sites I optimized have common major issues that prevented them to rank higher. The most obvious one is duplicate content. You may not aware that your category pages, tags pages, and archive pages are causing serious duplicates. This should be dealt soonest possible.

More often too I will implement trash cleaning. Your site might have hundreds of trash or low-quality contents that prevented you to get high rankings. By removing those pages or adding a special SEO tag will greatly help improved rankings.

Moreover, I will implement the proper content optimization to make your site pages highly relevant to the eyes of Google and other search engines.

I have a strategic approach to this, not only to rank a single keyword but multiple or an army of related keywords. With this strategy, you can expect a dramatic improvement in organic traffic. I named this “Traffic Attraction”.

Also, I will implement proper internal linking between your pages or blog posts.

This can boost the page authority of your product or service pages, where you rely on most of your conversions. Overall this can improve your domain authority as well, only if done properly.

d. Earning Links Like A Magnet

Link earning is the new link building strategy that’s free from any manipulative intentions.

The old link building method is just focused on getting more backlinks using the low-quality of building links like directory submissions, social bookmarking and article submissions.

These were working in the past but not now with Penguin algorithm.

Google preferred the natural way of acquiring backlinks. Focusing on just dofollow backlinks is a sort kind of manipulation. To the extent, others paid just to get backlinks, without knowing they created obvious patterns to Google and get their sites penalized seriously.

But using Link Earning strategy is the far advantage that works for long-term with less effort. People will voluntarily share your site content because of its high perceived value, worth to be shared with their great number of fans or followers.

I have here special Link Earning strategies that are designed to naturally and organically attract backlinks. It works like a BIG MAGNET. Think of a viral video of Mr. Bean!

When Is The Best Time To Hire An SEO Expert?

Actually, the best time to hire an SEO Expert is before you start developing your website.

Identifying the right keywords for your business site is essential as the basis for your website structure and content creation. You can save a lot of money if you do it right from the very start.

Most of the website developers have little or no SEO experience. They don’t mind if your site loads slow. They don’t mind if your website is not SEO-friendly. They don’t even care if you have broken links or duplicate contents. They care most only, the outside appearance of your site.

If you have already working website, it’s now the best time also to take action while your competitors out there are working hard to rank above you.

You are not still late as long as you realized that your website really needs SEO to get high rankings to get a constant flow of high-converting organic traffic.  And of course, take action to ask for help from a reliable SEO expert.

Only be selective in hiring an SEO expert, you may review above the 5 Green Signals to help you determine the competent SEO expert.

If you’ve hired the wrong person, you might be more frustrated to know late that your site has been penalized because of incompetent SEO expert or specialist wrongdoings.

Don’t be tempted to delay optimizing your website before it gets penalized hard by Google and you have to wait long to lift such penalty. I know this is too costly at your end.

You may start contacting SEO Expert Daddy now to help you diagnose your website and give appropriate SEO recommendations for free.

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If you have already hired an SEO expert at your end and not contented of the results you’re getting, it’s time for you to consider looking for a much more competent one.

The one that is result-driven and focuses to help you boost your search engine visibility without worrying about getting penalized.

See below for another sample of my awesome SEO works:

You may be thinking now to hire an SEO agency instead. The fact is more likely you are dealing with a businessman with only a little or no SEO experience at all.

Most of the agencies are running after your hard-earned money. They just hired inexperienced SEO people under them. Some of them I know, just order gigs in Fiverr.com for $5 in exchange for your $500 monthly payment. Where’s the justice here! J

The worst thing the outputs are obviously crap. No questions, you surely get penalized sooner on this setup!

Let’s say, you are lucky finding a reputable SEO agency or company. Now, your big problem is the price.  Normally these big companies are charging on average $2,000 monthly.

Why they charged too high?  The obvious reason is due to their expensive operational and marketing expenses to build their strong brand.

On the hand, the obvious advantage of directly hiring an SEO expert is basically you can cut cost and save more, compared to an SEO agency.

Above all, you are dealing with the real expert and not only a businessman whose primary concern is getting your money out of your pocket.

Make your right choice now, by contacting a real SEO Expert.

Hire him! I believe I interviewed about 25 different people for the SEO work I was needing…

His email was extremely professional and his resume completely blew me away. If you don’t believe me, just look at his.

The conversation that we had over Skype shortly after went very well. It was clear that he knows his business and what’s needed.

Thomas Hybki, Yakker Bot Talk (Salt Lake City, Utah)


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